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Oksana Mas
- Hi, glad to see you are interested!
Few words about me.

I'm an artist, humanist, philosopher, theorist and art promoter who is deeply interested in exploring the cities, architecture and art fabric of the world that we live in.

Taking origins in Eastern Europe, I live and work at Spain.

For 30 years art lets me express my feelings and points in the way I want. Now, I want you and people all over the world join me and support in creating the project that represents humanity, our humanity.

Influential curators and art critics as Achille Bonito Oliva, Janette Zwingenberger and Sandrina Bandera and also Venice Biennales have expressed their approval to the project.

- You may see my works at 300+ well-known art venues

“The components of the installation by Oksana Mas make viewers think about such profound questions as:
"How is everything interconnected? How do we relate to each other in and with the world that we live in? Her art contributes to the comprehension and awareness of these questions.”
Janette Zwingenberger
Ph.D Jeanette Zwingenberger is an art historian, art critic, the member of the International Association of Art Critics (ICAC), curator in Paris. Lecturer at the University of Paris Pantheon-Sorbonne
Spheres of Good and Spiritual Renaissance by Oksana Mas
Spheres of Good and Spiritual Renaissance by Oksana Mas